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Complete Alignment Services

Keeping You on the Straight and Narrow

When you need an alignment, your car lets you know it. While driving, your wheel may begin to pull and require extra effort to stay straight. You may even notice uneven tire wear. These clues mean you should stop by Peninsula Tire for an alignment today. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

Our Alignment Process

  • Inspections
  • Diagnostics
  • Tire condition checks
  • Air pressure checks
  • Camber adjustments
  • Caster adjustments
  • Toe angle adjustments
  • Road test
Make your ride smoother by ensuring your suspension system is always performing optimally, have you vehicle aligned for a more enjoyable ride. 

Apart from alignment services, we:
  • Diagnose your steering and suspension system
  • Take tire condition and air pressure levels
  • Make adjustments to camber, caster and toe angles, if adjustable, in line with manufacturer specifications
  • Carry out a road test to ensure proper alignment
  • Share and compare before and after readings
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